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You never know when you might need court accounting. When you do, we’ll be right there to assist with our expertise.

Bringing clarity to your situation

Court accounting is usually needed by the beneficiaries of a trust or if a loved one dies and does not leave a will or executor for the estate. We can provide careful and accurate accounting of inventory to ensure that assets and liabilities are managed in a fair manner. We’ll also provide an expert analysis and court testimony if needed.

In the case of a trust fund, a court accounting may or may not be legally required, but it helps to provide details about income and expenses to keep your beneficiaries well informed about their trust account. 

With a deceased estate, a court accounting is required if beneficiaries do not agree on the distribution of assets. Our services can help alleviate disputes and reduce further costs while staying sensitive to the complexities and nuances of court accounting.

With our long-standing expertise, Donna L. Stern CPA can help you maintain faith in the asset or estate management process. Our court accounting or fiduciary services are delivered with sympathy and professionalism for the best results.

✔️ Accuracy

We place high importance on the details of conducting court accounting that is accurate in the recording of assets and liabilities and ensuring fair distribution for all involved.

✔️ You first

We treat you with compassion and dignity as our valued client in the court accounting process. We believe it’s our duty to preserve trust and good faith in the people we help.

✔️ Experience

We are proficient in court accounting and will ensure that each step, from inventory to additions and subtractions to the distribution of assets to beneficiaries, is completed thoroughly.

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“Donna is an absolutely incredible CPA! She was so helpful for our new business and really set us up for success. She is so diligent and has such a wealth of knowledge about accounting. I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly!” – Kyle Torres

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